Professional Cleaning Tips for Maintaining Commercial Floors
Keeping your office floors in good condition is important for having a good first impression. It tells your
customers, guests and staff that you care about your business and you care about them. But maintaining
your floors can be challenging as different types of floors require different types of products, equipment
and cleaning methods. Corporate Maintenance Limited incorporates best practices into our cleaning
duties, including how we maintain our clients’ floors.

Tiles are a popular choice for businesses because of their durability and attractiveness. Tiles come in
many different types and styles, such as ceramic, marble, granite and terrazzo. However, placed in
certain areas like the kitchen and the restroom, grout lines can become filled with dirt and subsequently
germs if not properly cleaned. Applying a grout sealer to lines will help keep your tiles cleaner for longer.
Corporate Maintenance Limited offers grout cleaning services at an affordable cost.

Wood flooring is a popular choice for conference rooms, public venues and restaurants thanks to the
homey ambience it creates. They also come in a wide variety of designs. To maintain the longevity and
appearance of your wooden floors ensure that dirt and grit are removed daily. Use a hardfloor
attachment for your vacuum when vacuuming. Ensure that mops are properly wrung out before wiping
a wooden floor.

Carpets are another popular choice among business owners especially in hospitality. For optimal
maintenance, daily vacuuming is recommended. Use the blotting method to get rid of common stains
like coffee spills. After blotting up as much as possible a professional cleaner should be sought to use a
cleansing agent to get rid of the rest of the stain. A deep clean should be done regularly to extract dirt
and grease from carpets. The steps to cleaning a carpet are: 1. Vacuum 2. Spot treat 3. Shampoo 4.
Deodorise. Carpets should never be cleaned on bleak or rainy days as they need as much fresh air as
possible so as not to leave an odour. CML offers deep cleaning services for your carpets and entire

When it comes to maintaining your commercial floors, doing it right matters. Corporate Maintenance
Limited offers effective and affordable cleaning services that will take care of your floors. Call us at 876-
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