How to choose a Professional Cleaning Company
Choosing the right commercial cleaning company can seem daunting if you do not know what to
consider. In this article, we will share five tips for hiring your next janitorial service provider.

One of the most important criteria to look for when hiring a cleaning company is their track record. How
long have they been in operation? How satisfied have their clients been? You can take a look at what
their customers are saying in their testimonials on their website and on their social media pages.

It is critical to note whether or not your prospective cleaning company has safety polices and measures
in place for their workers on the job. Having safety-oriented workers at your place of business; makes
for a smooth contractual arrangement. Another thing to enquire about is whether or not the company
has public liability insurance. You do not want to end up being liable for any injuries a custodian may
incur on the job.

It is best to hire a cleaning company that provides onsite supervision. That way you can rest assured that
janitors will be well co-ordinated and given the direction they need. They will also stand as direct
contact to express any concerns you may have.

Sufficient workforce
You want to hire a cleaning service that has enough staff to adequately do their job. A janitorial
company must have enough staff to do their jobs and staff in the pipeline to cover for any eventualities.
You don’t want to have to do the cleaning up yourself after throwing a staff party or an emergency!

Services offered
Choose a cleaning company that has the right range of services and expertise that you need. Some
cleaning companies have specialities such as offices, hotels and large commercial areas. Some janitorial
companies offer fogging while some do not. Others offer lawn maintenance and post construction cleanup
while some do not. Therefore, finding a company that can meet all your needs is key.
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