Corporate Maintenance Limited’s Covid 19 Measures
Corporate Maintenance Limited (CML) has increased our efforts in keeping our clients’ properties
cleaned and sanitised. One approach was to increase sensitisation of our custodians on some critical
cleaning knowledge; some of which includes the differentiation between cleaning and sanitising, which
we looked at in a previous article (insert link to SANITISATION TIPS FOR PREVENTING COVID 19 IN THE
WORK PLACE), and by extension between dirt and germs.

The difference
Dirt is defined as a substance that soils something such as dust or mud. On the other hand, germ is
defined as a disease-causing micro-organism. Therefore, properly cleaning a germ-filled area requires
more than cleaning a “dirty” area. Specially formulated germ-fighting solutions must be used.

Our new service offering is fogging, which is an effective and safe sanitisation process to get rid of germs
and bacteria. We also explained what fogging was and its benefits in a previous blog post. Read it here
(insert FOGGING FOR WORKPLACE SAFETY). Our fogging service is affordable and convenient, with your
employees being able to return to their desks in a clean and safe surrounding.

Increased attention
We have placed even more emphasis on the use of appropriate cleaning and sanitisation products. We
source top industry products and ensure our custodians are knowledgeable on how to use them for
maximum results.

We have also given more attention to germ hotspots than we normally do; increasing the frequency the
areas are cleaned and sanitised. This way we stem the spread of viruses like Covid 19.

Safety first
We have equipped our custodians with disposable masks, gloves and aprons, mesh caps and safety
googles as appropriate for their jobs. They have received Declaration Forms to indicate any medical
problems that could be complicated by Covid 19. All staff have been encouraged to share whether or
not they have the virus/showing symptoms or have come in contact with someone with the virus.

CML is cognizant of the sensitive times we are living in. We have taken the necessary steps and
approach to keeping our staff and your staff safe. Stay on top of your business’ sanitation. Contact us for
all your cleaning and sanitisation needs. Call us at 876-927-9863, 876-978-8301 or WhatsApp 876-801-
8942 or email [email protected] to get a quote today